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Jennings Debt Recovery

Why Jennings?

Why Jennings?

Quite simply, Jennings Debt Recovery achieve a high percentage of positive outcomes for our clients and usually quicker than by pursuing debtors through their existing procedures.

As an established law firm, we are always on the front foot in terms of current legislature and any changes or developments which may effect how we operate on your behalf. The Jennings Debt Recovery service is also a specialist one: unlike many other law firms, our people are engaged solely in recovery of businesses finances and matters which may arise in the debt recovery process including contract disputes, contested and non-contested recoveries, insolvency and enforcement of court orders.

We're not bailiffs, we don't need to employ to heavy-handed tactics; why should we when we know the law and know how to apply it's procedures in your favour?

Instructions carried out the same working day.

Over the years, Jennings has invested significantly in software systems which enables swift and precise processing of debt recovery instructions from clients. This doesn't mean we are distant from our customers but, rather, that we are always in a position to act at very short notice: if we receive instructions (be it single case, low volume or in bulk) before 2:00pm then we'll action them that working day.

Jennings offer different options and approaches to your debt recovery needs and to suit your circumstances. Whichever route we agree on, we promise we'll always strive to consistently deliver positive results for you and help keep the stress and cost of debt recovery down to a bare minimum.

Wherever possible, we strive to bring proceedings to a satisfactory conclusion without the need to escalate matters to litigation through the courts.

Our website carries details of the services we offer, however, if you'd like to speak with one of Jennings' debt recovery specialists then please call us on 0845 450 5551 or email