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Jennings Debt Recovery

Pre-Court Options

There will be instances where the debtor has acknowledged or replied to the "Letter before Action" but payment is still not forthcoming. There are occasions where there is a genuine reason but, commonly, this is simply a diversion or stalling tactic to prolong the payment. Your debtor may also be contesting the claim, something which can further delay payment.

Jennings' out of Court options allow you to have the weight of a law firm behind you but without the weighty charges. Our in-house team of solicitors, legal and financial experts means we can quickly and effectively scale-up to the next service levels.

What are the options available?

For straightforward debts, where there is genuine potential for settlement, Jennings will issue letters and make polite yet firm telephone calls to the debtor on your behalf.

Where more involvement is required on issues that have arisen or instances where letters and calls are exhausted, then we are quickly able to scale-up our actions and offer a "No Win, No Fee" approach with our charges relative to value of the debt recovered and payable only if successful.

There is also the option to appoint Jennings to advise and represent you, with service fees based our hourly rate. Again, you are not obliged to take up these services should other approaches not have proved successful.

Should you wish, you may instruct Jennings on this basis from the start, the same as appointing any law firm and we are happy to discuss any matters on this basis.

No Win No Fee

Under our "No Win, No Fee" structure, fees are charged at 7.5% of the debt recovered plus VAT. As the name implies, should we not be able to recover any of your monies then no fees will be incurred by you.

Case by Case Risk Assessments

Our standard practise is to assess every case on the information provided by our customers before making preliminary decisions on the suitability of services and the prospects of successful outcomes, based on the information provided.

If we do not think that a claim can be successfully resolved, or that the fees incurred would make such a claims process prohibitive, then we shall always advise the customer as soon as is feasible.

Jennings Debt Recovery / Jennings Law LLP Solicitors reserve the right to withdraw any products or services without prior notification, and / or to exclude certain products or services depending upon the information provided by the customer.

Whilst we shall make full and appropriate use of our resources, Jennings Debt Recovery Solicitors (a trading style name of Jennings Law LLP Solicitors) do not offer any guarantees that customer’s outstanding debts or financial claims will be resolved (either in full or in part) by appointing Jennings Debt Recovery Solicitors to act on their behalf.