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Jennings Debt Recovery

Out of Court Action

Jennings Debt Recovery Solicitors provide proven, effective and low cost solutions to help ensure your debts are paid without the need to go to Court proceedings.

These are designed to suit you and your needs either under our low cost "Fixed Fees" or under "No Win, No Fee".

Fixed Fees

Formal Letters Before Action

Otherwise known as a final demand for payment, a Letter Before Action is a formal Solicitor’s letter giving your debtor a set time limit in which to pay before they are taken to Court. It's a primary service offered for commercial and business clients who regularly require multiple invoices and outstanding debts to be paid promptly.

The purpose of this service is to achieve quick payments of debts which are not disputed and, in a lot of cases, outstanding debts are settled on the basis of the intial letter. If payment is not acheived, this final demand has given all the necessary notice to allow us to take Court action.

Please Note: Letters Before Action is offered as a low cost service and we request that the debtor makes payment to you direct.

Further Out of Court Actions

There will be instances where the debtor has acknowledged or replied to the "Letter before Action" but payment is still not forthcoming. There are occasions where there is a genuine reason but, commonly, this is simply a diversion or stalling tactic to prolong the payment. Your debtor may also be contesting the claim, something which can further delay payment.

What are the other options available?

Jennings' out of Court options allow you to have the weight of a law firm behind you but without the weighty charges. Our in-house team of solicitors, legal and financial experts means we can quickly and effectively scale-up to the next service levels.

For straightforward debts where there is genuine potential for settlement, Jennings will issue letters and make polite yet firm telephone calls to the debtor on your behalf plus there are other ways we can help ensure you get paid for low staged fixed fees.


No Win, No Fee

Where more involvement is required on issues that have arisen or instances where letters and calls are exhausted, then we are quickly able to scale-up our actions and offer a "No Win, No Fee" approach with our charges relative to value of the debt recovered and payable only if successful.

Statutory Demands

Used to request payment of a debt from company or individual person, this is a powerful tool when you have an undisputed debt which is over £750.00 and you would consider bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings as an option should you remain unpaid. When an individual or company receives a Statutory Demand, they have 21 days to either settle the debt or reach a satisfactory agreement to pay the outstanding monies. If there’s no agreement, we can start the first stages of bankruptcy / winding up proceedings.

Appointing Jennings as Your Legal Representative (Hourly Rate)

There is always the option to appoint Jennings to advise and represent you, with fees based on our hourly rate. You are not obliged to take up these services should other approaches not have proved successful but, on the other hand, you may also instruct Jennings on this basis right from the start, the same as appointing any law firm.


To find out more about all our comprehensive Out of Court debt recovery services, and to discuss your requirements in more detail with one of our team, simply call us on 0845 450 5551 or use our Contact Form.

Should you wish, you can also request a FREE information pack which covers all Jennings' services in more detail.