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As specialist debt recovery solicitors Jennings appreciate that, at some time or other, all businesses will face problems with bad debts and regular late or non-payment of invoices.

Poor cash-flow from overdue accounts and invoices can cripple any business, seriously hindering growth and bottom line return.

Turning around this scenario starts with appreciating what is causing the issues: essentially, the term "bad debt" can be applied to any outstanding invoice, even if it's just one day overdue. 

Chasing overdue accounts is both time consuming, exhausting and, increasingly, a thankless task. Any business who would rather have their finance teams working on revenue generation instead of chasing late payments. 

If you were to undertake a simple exercise and estimate the amount of time people in your organisation spent on an average month making calls or sending out statements, you'd be surprised at this additional outgoing of the business.

Recovering your money quickly and easily starts here by using any of our services listed below.

Initial Services/ Packages:

  • No Win, No Fee.
  • Fixed Fee Letter Before Actions
  • Additional Optional Fixed Fee Packages
  • Doorstep Collection
  • Trace & Pre Sue Reports
  • Basic Address Traces on Individuals
  • Traces on Businesses
  • Land Registry Searches

Secondary: If there is no other option then to escalate matters further to recover your money then Jennings are perfectly positioned to represent your interests in the next steps as below:

  • Issue of Proceedings
  • Obtaining Judgment
  • Enforcing Judgment

If you would like further information on each of the packages we offer please contact one of our members of staff who will be more than happy to assist you,

Alternativley you will be able to find more details under the relevant section above.